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Are you experiencing slow internet speed? Well, there are several factors at play when it comes to a slow internet. Fortunately, Internet Speed Pilot™ is here to help. Our advanced New Tab allows you to check you internet speed in seconds, right from your browser, while also providing tips and guides to help you improve your speed.

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Does your connection drop sporadically throughout the day, or when you need it the most, for watching viral cat videos? The first step for a faster internet is to test your connection speed with a powerful and reliable service, such as Internet Speed Pilot. Our innovative technology allows you to measure your internet speed in just a few clicks, and it accurately breaks down the results into download and upload speeds, allowing you to focus on the main issue and increase productivity.

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Internet Speed Pilot™ provides quick access to tips and speed comparison guides to help you boost bandwidth and much more. With Internet Speed Pilot™ you can test, learn, and troubleshoot, straight from your browser New Tag page. What are you waiting for? Install Internet Speed Pilot™ today, to test and enjoy a super faster internet!

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